Sunday, June 21, 2009

TAG By Junne again...

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to answer the questions and at the end, choose 20 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I'd like to know more about you.

1) Were you named after anyone?

2) When was the last time you cried?
last night.

3) Do you like your handwriting?

4) What is your favourite lunch meat?

5) Do you have kids?
not yet.

6) If you were another person, would you like to be friends with you?
yup, of course.

7) Do you use sarcasm?

8) Do you still have your tonsils?

9) Would you bungee jump?
i would loved to.

10) What is your favourite cereal?
koko crunch.

11) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

12) What is your favourite ice cream?
vanilla ice cream.

13) What is the first thing you notice about people?
their outfit.

14) Red or pink?

15) What is the least favourite thing about yourself?

16) Who do you miss the most?

17) Do you want everyone to complete this list?
if they don’t mind.

18) What colour of trousers and shoes are your wearing?
red and right now I didn’t wear any shoes.

19) What are you listening to right now?
Pussycat Dolls – I Hate This Part

20) If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

21) Favourite smells?
Guess perfume.

22) The last person you talked to on the phone?
my aunty, mok su yah.

23) Do you like the person who sent you this?
yes. she’s my best friend.

24) Favourite sports to watch?
football, tennis, badminton.

25) Hair colour?

26) Eye colour?
dark brown.

27) Do you wear contacts?

28) Favourite food?
anything with cheese.

28) Scary or happy endings?
happy ending.

29) Last movie you watched?
angels & demons. boring…

30) What colour of shirt are you wearing?

31) Summer or winter?

32) Favourite dessert?
ice cream.

33) Most likely to respond?
don’t know.

34) Least likely to respond?
don’t know either.

35) What books do you read?
novel ahadiat akashah.

36) What is on your mouse pad?

37) What did you watch last night?
pentas anak wayang.

38) Rolling Stones? Beatles?
the beatles.

39) Where is the furthest you have been from home?

40) Do you have a special talent?
i can sleep all day long. haha…

41) Where were you born?
Petaling Jaya.

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